The work you oversaw for me has been hugely successful to live with and there is no doubt that it remains a great house in a wonderful position.

Councillor Vanessa Graham, Wandsworth Council

Akaal Associates Limited offers a very professional and personal service, I am a small developer with sometimes tight deadlines which Akaal Associates always accommodates. They are experienced architects having worked in many boroughs and on many different building types.

Mr A Sadruddin, Client, 34 Thornbury Road and Batchworth

It is usually odd in the architectural profession for clients to enjoy the process of constructing buildings with the architect, but Akaal Associates Limited took our company through all the work stages, and dealt with issues that previous consultants had missed.

Ben Toone, Client, Emu Road and Kyrle Road

I am very grateful for the way that Jatinder took on our major house renovation work and saw it through with exemplary professionalism. He more than met our requirements and provided valuable advice and guidance to help us achieve the house we wanted.

Mehar Brar, Client, Hounslow

Friendly, professional and full of creativity – everything one desires when designing their dream home! Jatinder is incredible, incorporating fresh and innovative thinking in his design, whilst understanding client lifestyles and requirements to ensure an optimized and fulfilling end solution. Furthermore, I found him extremely approachable when it came to asking questions and providing recommendations for other service providers. An excellent firm that combines high quality architecture with a truly personalised approach!

Vijay Rakkar, Client

Its difficult to put into words the gratitude you can have for somebody who creates and tailors a home for your family. I have nothing but praise and thanks for Akaal. They have taken a dream and made it a reality for us. I interviewed four different architects once we bought our property to take us through planning. Our scheme was ambitious and all apart from Akaal said it could not be done. It took time but Akaal got us through. Once through planning I requested changes to the internal layout countless times, never did they complain but simply gave their expert advice, understood our needs and implemented what was best. I think one of their best qualities is their approachability. They have never baffled me with jargon and I’ve always felt totally at ease calling or emailing them to discuss any issues. They have taken us right through from start to finish including weekly visits to check builders progress and undertake valuations until final completion. This is hugely reassuring when you are appointing a builder for the first time and agreeing to pay them large sums of money. If like me you have little building knowledge having an architect on board is invaluable and worth every penny. Although Akaal weren’t the cheapest they were definitely not the most expensive and in terms of value for money I sincerely doubt I could have done better. I’m just thankful they still take on small residential projects like mine amongst the larger contracts they seem to be involved in. They have honesty, integrity and are highly skilled, very many thanks for all your help to date…

Aneel Suri, Client

Akaal Associates have been very professional and diligent with my commercial projects. They have demonstrated exceptionally high levels of foresight to complete the tasks within tight timescales without compromising on quality and overcoming difficult situations with their extensive experience and in depth knowledge

Jag Kumar, Client